Types of Funerals: Cremation

Cremation can be performed with or without a funeral service. In this form of funeral, the deceased is cremated in a casket or an alternative container at a crematorium. The remaining ashes are stored in a temporary container or an urn and then handed over to a chosen cemetery for burial or to be retained by the family. The choices of burial sites range from an urn burial site, family grave site or mausoleum.


Note: If the deceased has not left a will indicating the type of funeral desired, a cremation can also be arranged by the majority of the next of kin.  


Cremation is becoming more popular in the recent years.  Michigan cremation has increased, however there are many options when deciding on cremation.  Immediate cremation without viewing is the minimal option.  A second option is where visitation can be held with a viewing of the deceased and then the cremation.  In Michigan cremation has to be through a licensed funeral home, unlike most states.  Michigan funeral homes cannot own a cremation facility.  After the cremation is completed various items can be purchased for keepsakes of the deceased, including small keepsake urns, jewelry, candles and customized urns with engravings.  A complete selection is available in our selection room and catalogues upon request. There is no cremation society fees when arranging for a cremation service at the Marshall Funeral Home.