Considerate and Caring: Marshall Funeral Home, inc

At Marshall Funeral Home, inc we have the sense of duty that comes with our profession - the responsibility to the deceased and to those left behind. We understand your needs, concerns and grief, and respond with compassion, care and empathy.

Jeff Marshall

Certified Funeral Director

Owner of Marshall Funeral Home

Responsible for 

  • Advising the bereaved family on funeral arrangements and pre-arrangements 
  • Supporting the bereaved family from the time of death to the burial 
  • Management of funeral services



Helping people in difficult life situations. Our family serving your family.


Leo Marshall

Funeral Director



  • Licensed funeral director since 1957
  • Former owner of the Marshall Funeral Home (1967 to 1988)
  • Very active and currently works at the funeral home every day.
  • Year round resident of Greenville
  • Member of St. Charles Catholic Church
  • Member of the Knghts of Columbus and the Optimus Club













Sally Marshall